Zié Jean-Laurent Koné

Koné was born in Boundiali, Ivory Coast in 1979. He was attracted to the visual arts and history from an early age onwards. He holds a degree in fine art as well as archaeology and is a full-time professor at the Technical Center of Applied Arts in Bingerville, Ivory Coast since 2006. He has exhibited nationally & internationally and continues to be recognized for his works through awards and professional journals. He lives with his wife and 2 children in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

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Koné’s art is deeply rooted in African culture, his work is characterized by intricately structured compositions that combine linear figurative elements with bursts of colour abstraction. Working across figuration, abstraction and conceptualism, Koné has examined a wide range of subject matter, from the personal to the social and historical. His is a complex and nuanced body of work, a fusion of modernity and a visual enquiry into Africa in which texture, colour, structure and process are employed to mine history.

Many of Koné’s works explore intersecting layers of human existence and interaction, from the plain physical, emotional
to the purely energetic body – a visual manifestation of the invisible.

Selected Exhibitions

2019 | group exhibition, ODA gallery at START art fair, London, UK
2019 | group exhibition, ODA, Franschhoek, South Africa
2019 | group exhibition, “melting pot 2”, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
2019 | solo show, “la matière”, gallery Meeting, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
2018 | charity exhibition, “une toile pour sauver l’enfant”, Abidjan, musée des civilisations
2018 | group exhibition, “melting pot”, abidjan, hôtel ivoire sofitel, Ivory Coast
2017 | group show, R.O.D CI, Ivory Coast
2017 | group show, club bistro tropézien, Ivory Coast
2017 | exhibition, semaine culturelle de l’E.M.P.T (école militaire préparatoire et technique), Bingerville, Ivory Coast
2016 | solo show, C.T.A.A (centre technique des arts appliqués de Bingerville) Ivory Coast
2012 | exhibition & fine art conference, le parlement sise à yopougon
2012 | group exhibition, la clinique PROCREA, la riviera palmeraie
2011 | group exhibition, l’ardoise sise à la riviera 3
2008 | exhibition, “une toile pour la paix”, embrassade de l’Espagne, Ivory Coast
2008 | solo exhibition, B.I.A.O, agence centrale du plateau