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Maxime Manga |Futurist

Maxime Manga was born in  ​Yaoundé, Cameroon, 1999 and continues to work from his home town. One of a new generation of digital collage artists from Africa, Maxime first came to attention with his graphic design projects for Germany and the USA.
He completed his computer science degree in 2019.

Artist Statement

At the moment I am very interested in Afrofuturism, also in the use of geometric shapes and African colors, in short, I continue to learn ✌️✨.  I need to test, see, understand what I can do, but I would like to add an African touch to my illustrations.  There is a quote that I love but I don’t know who it is:” Darkness is just light turned inside out.

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Up Close

Not since the advent of the camera has something come along to change the very fabric of art making’s possibilities on such a grand scale as digital art. In its most distilled essence, digital art encapsulates an artistic work or practice that uses any form of digital technology as part of its creation or presentation.

Although digital art is not recognized as a distinct movement in and of itself, as technology continues its jackrabbit fast bloom into contemporary society, we will no doubt continue to see it unfold into a myriad, ever-changing landscape, solidifying itself as a credible alternative to traditional means of art making for a post-millennial society.

Maxime Manga started to explore digital collage as a new art form in 2016. The artist manipulates imagery sampled from disparate sources – fashion magazines, photography, traditional African arts, botanical images etc. In a departure from the artist’s earlier collages with their highly critical, dark and confrontational themes, there is a renewed optimism and positive energy inherent in this new body of work.

He explores the possibilities and vibrant imagery of an emerging Africa, a continent in motion, in
transition from ancient traditions and rituals to high tech powered innovation.

Manga effortlessly captures the viewer through his boundless imagination and positive vision for the African continent.