Faces of Africa | group exhibition


A group exhibition that focuses on the genre of portraiture but is not limited to that. The exhibition includes figurative and even abstract artworks. The exhibitions showcases the artistic talent across the African continent as well as the the variety of techniques used.

mixed media on canvas by Moustapha Baidi Oumarou

Moustapha Baidi Oumarou, is an emerging artist from Cameroon. A conscious and humanist painter, he gradually moved away from the conformist rules of portraiture to develop a more personal style in accordance with his vision of the world. Moustapha Baidi Oumarou is engaged in his art to express and advocate a more just and open world, and make the voices of the most vulnerable or forgotten heard. His painting is a reflection of himself; positive and optimistic.

collage on canvas by Mohamed Diabagate

Mohamed began painting at a very young age with his father, the renowned painter Ismael Diabagaté, and later was mentored by the great Beninese artist Ludovic Fadiaro. He graduated, first in his class, from the National Arts Institute of Bamako (2009), and the Conservatory of Arts and Media of Bamako (2014). He is a civil servant, teaching art at a lycée since 2014. His works are garnering attention in the art world and can be seen at international expositions in Africa and Europe. He lives and works in Bamako.

acrylic and charcoal on canvas by Layziehound Coka

My process of creation is borne from an attraction to these messages, which I translate into a visual product. The metaphoric symbols and imagery used in my work are subtly provocative yet assertive in their approach to the punchlines in each particular piece, which include the use of sweeping lines, boxed text and a microphone – my signature icon- which serves as a representation of society’s internal dialogue.

I intend for my work to be a catalyst for deeper discourse between inner voice and instinct, and thought with decision. I try by all means to connect people with their feelings, as an advisor or teacher or a visual conjurer would do, in order to elevate minds to transcendent levels of reasoning. The experience of my artwork is not simply visual but allows for the movement of philosophical contemplation as the viewer is exposed to thoughts that are unique in their commonness.

artworks by Johannes du Plessis

To paint is a passion. By being honest towards my mind experiences and heart is how I attempt to find a new level in artistic realization.
Painting is a process of getting to know myself better, a way of finding new inspiration and understanding of life in various forms.
In the end, it is an introduction to self-enlightenment.
I prefer to call my paintings emotional statements. My wish is that the audience could feel these statements deep within themselves.

pencil realism by Ibim Cookey

Ibim Cookey, is a 21 year old hyper realistic pencil artist from Nigeria. He is the current Art ambassador to the Rivers State Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Ibim works primarily with pencil on paper, but experiments with additional materials such as water colour, acrylics and charcoal. His work has won several awards and he participates in local as well as international exhibitions.

oil on canvas, pointillism by Silas Adelanke Adeoye

Silas Adelanke Adeoye was born in Osun State, the South-Western part of Nigeria, in 1962. He took to fine art early, experimenting with various ideas and coming up with innovative techniques before even starting his primary education. He largely developed as an artist by himself, later joining a group of young, prominent artists at the National Museum, Lagos. His works represent a continuation in the tradition of Yoruba Art, recognizable by his choice of pigment to suit each motif.  Visual art, in the historic Yoruba setting, was generally restricted to the courts of the kings and chiefs, and to religious houses. Silas believes that it is the responsibility of the modern artist to extend the enjoyment of this very unique form of expression to a far broader audience in a manner that music and poetry, are today. Adeoye uses the technique of pointillism exclusively in his work, a technique that is utilized by few contemporary artists. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and fine art auctions in Nigeria and internationally, his work can be found in selected collections worldwide.

mixed media on canvas by Thonton Kabeya

Thonton Kabeya was born in 1983, in the D.R.C. He presently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a graduate from the Institute of Fine Arts of Lubumbashi. In 2006 he won two awards: the UNAIDS AWARD and the BELGIUM COUNCIL AWARD. He is part of many collections around the world such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Vitoria (ARTIUM) in Spain,  Unisa Art Collection (South Africa).  George Forest in D.R.C.  Erick Vellard in Paris (France).

art by Patrick Seruwu

Patrick Seruwu is a self taught Ugandan artist currently living in Johnnesburg.  Born in Kampala, Uganda. He did his studies at Kyambogo High School and comes from a family of four , his mother and three sisters. He is an art enthusiast since childhood partaking in community art competitions .Years later he relocated to South Africa where he was fortunate to meet Benon Lutaya who mentored him artistically until his passing, He uses his art to express his experiences growing up as the only boy in the family of four raised by a single mother, and how it affected him. He channels those hardships into his work