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His works represent a continuation in the tradition Moustapha Baidi Oumarou was born in 1997 in Maroua, in the extreme north of Cameroon. Since his childhood, his developed sense of observation has allowed him to approach life with a certain philosophy and a rare openness.

Moustapha is already “a wise man”, a boy whose maturity equals the sympathy he exudes. After primary and secondary studies, his taste for drawing led him to work in a silkscreen workshop where he finally could develop the skills he had always dreamed of.

Today, Moustapha is a happy young artist entering a promising artistic career. Moustapha is inspired by his entourage and by his vision on the world, he is a conscious and humanist painter.
This humanism appears in his paintings and drawings as an attempt to relay what the forgotten and most vulnerable can’t express with words. Moustapha Baidi Oumarou is an artist to militate for a fairer and more open world. Like him, his painting is always positive and optimistic.

Pop Woman
Pop Woman, acrylic on canvas

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